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Fish Profiles

Todd the Cod
He's very snappy when lights go out

Slinky, Wiggles, Lizardfish
The king of the tank

Boss of the catfish

A catfish that is always wedged in weird spots

Ideas and Thoughts
Cyanobacteria thrives in situations of high phosphates
High Nitrates = Need fast growing plants
Increasing KH will increase pH (the two are directly linked)
Tap water KH is 4 (<1 for tank)

1. Nitrates <50ppm (Current >160ppm)
2. Destroy All Cyanobaterica
3. Fish rock!
- Phosphates come from fish waste, excess food.
- Eliminate algae is to let the plants out-compete the algae for the nutrients.
- Heavily planted tanks, algae will often show up when the plants have used up all NO3s
- Plant growth to slow / stop, which leaves the excess phosphates available to the algae.
- Supplying extra nitrate to a planted tank, we allow plant growth to continue until all phosphate is consumed.
- Then plant AND algae growth will slow/stop.
As long as a usable (5-10ppm) level of nitrate is maintained
- the plants will continue to use up the available phosphate, and effectively controls phosphorus-dependant algae.

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